The Emperor's Decree

“My lord.” He bowed low, his master lightly touching his head.

“Speak, servant. Do they suspect?” The emperor was not happy.

“N-no, my lord,” he stammered. He was nervous. It had been his fault, after all. “We… My team and I… We were able to distract them long enough. They saw nothing.”

“What happened to cause this fiasco?”

It was back, my lord.” He prostrated himself. “The Red Dot saw us! I could not risk that it would warn them! I chased it, but it was so fast. The cursed Red Dot!”

ENOUGH!” He fell silent, awaiting his sentence. “You acted properly in attempting to stop our enemy from warning them. But you were careless in your pursuit! Now, our plans are set back by weeks, if not months!”

“His Imperial Majesty decrees the following sentence: For his carelessness that almost alerted the humans to our plans for them, Mr. Squiggles is hereby banned from the bedroom, and shall not receive his portion of catnip for the next three months!”

Oh, would that the emperor had just killed him outright!

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