A Cruel New Policy

Marybeth walked down the street feeling sick to her stomach. There was so much going through her mind- all of it bad. She didn’t want to be pregnant. If she hadn’t… it was too difficult to think about. It was easier to focus on the shame. Her parents would probably disown her.

Planned Parenthood loomed ahead of her. No one was outside. A surge of relief swept through her and she found herself breathing a little easier. Ever since Republicans had encouraged the ‘Shame the Sinner’ policy, a woman that dared to enter any Planned Parenthood ran the risk of having their picture taken and smeared all over the internet. Slut-tagging, as it was known on Facebook was rivaled only by the viral immediacy of twitter when it came to the newest form of public shame. Even the dozens of suicides that followed hadn’t deterred anyone from snapping pictures. Marybeth wasn’t even sure if it was illegal, she just knew that it couldn’t be stopped.

Dashing across the street she lunged for the door as a voice yelled, “Surprise!”

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