Use Me

He hesitates.

I’m getting frustrated, lying there half-naked waiting for him to fulfill my request – he keeps checking if I’m truly OK with this over and over. It’s enough to drive me insane. I finally beg, demand, moan and whimper for him to just take me, use me, grab me and pull me in any way he wishes. I can see the effect it has on him; his flushed skin, sweaty brow and shuddering breath – I know he wants it just as badly as I do yet his annoyingly sweet nature is getting in the way. Finally I grab his hand and force him to feel how ready I am for this, how “OK”.

He starts off with little things – pulling my hair, leaving small finger-shaped bruises on my skin but as we get carried away, he gets bolder and in return I get more responsive. He chokes me, gags me, tugs harshly, thrusts without abandon and it’s marvelous, it’s more I hoped for and I know this isn’t him – he’ll probably regret it. Which is why I’m even more in love with him now – grateful for this one night of fulfillment he’s given me.

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