Mr. Tyler

“Imagine yourself for a moment…as you were before, Mr. Tyler”
There was a silence. He could hear the voice in the room, yet there was silence. His eyes were failing. His time running out. The man before us, in desperate need for a solution. An escape.
“What do you see?”
“I see… I don’t see them anymore”
“I like that, but that is not the only thought in your head”
“I want to be free”
“The universal desire of all mankind, to be free” the voice said. “We can give you this, Mr. Tyler, however, understand that our treatment is not for the weak. That your world as you know it, will end, in the end the choice is yours”
The small hissing noise was gone. His world was clear. No voices. No pain. He mustered the strength and stood up, away from the floor. He looked outside the window. Rain, lightning, but he could hear no thunder. It could all be a lie. A simple illusion. The nature of his madness brought on illusions much more intense than this. The needle was on the table. Jim Tyler at the end of his life.

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