Joe stared out his office window at the magnificent view of the lake. He would lose this along with everything, his job, his condo, his friends, everything. Someone in accounting would catch his error, check, double-check, and then report that he had lost the company over 2 million dollars. He would be terminated and his life would be over.
“Mr. Young.” Came his new secretary’s voice over the speaker. “There’s a Charity Rorschach on the phone for you.”
At the sound of her name, Joe cringed. This was not what he needed right now. He pressed the intercom button. “Please tell her I’m unavailable."
“She says it’s urgent, sir.” Came the reluctant reply.
Joe took a deep breath and exhaled loudly. “Fine, put her through.”
The phone on his desk rang and he picked it up. “Hello, mother. How are things?”
He sat there listening and he became numb.
“Of course, mom, I’ll come right away.” As he grabbed his coat and headed out the door the tears were already starting to fall. She was something he couldn’t afford to lose.

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