Love & Witchery

Dearest Arnold,
I am writing you concerning the incident with the marigolds and the moonlight. I fear that I conveyed the wrong impression that night when you caught me constructing the circle of ancient runes in the garden. The lock of your hair I snipped off was not meant to make a curse of death; quite the opposite, in fact.

You see, Arnold, I have long pined for you from afar. Your studies of linguistics in Bullfrogs did not go unnoticed, at least by my watchful eyes; your every move fascinates me so. Arnold, you couldn’t possibly understand my deep affection for you without a little… prodding, if you will. So, in order to ensure our long and happy lifetime together (which my Great, Great Aunt Helga the Psychic did predict!) I took action into my own hands.

I do hope to hear from you soon, Arnold; however, I am confident that my most clever use of witchcraft will have you knocking at my door in no time- not that you have a choice! I await your arrival anxiously.
With love,
Your Cassidee

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