Like so many other things in life, this threesome is something of a let down. Granted, this is the first time any of you have been in one and maybe you’re expecting too much, but it’s just painfully awkward.

It’d help if the guys didn’t freak out whenever they accidentally touched each other. Well, Drew isn’t too bad, but he more or less started the whole thing. Phil, though, doesn’t want to get near the other male in the bed and is keeping you in between as a buffer. You wonder why Phil agreed to do this in the first place, since he’s clearly uncomfortable. Whatever the reason, he’s here, a willing participant if not an enthusiastic one.

It’s not a total disaster though. There was that moment when they were both sucking on your tits – one for each of them, that worked out rather well – and you couldn’t believe that two guys actually found you desirable enough to fuck at the same time. Desirable enough to fight for, even.

You just hope this’ll make it easier to decide which one you’re going to keep.

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