I Eat Meat.

And I haven’t really questioned that.
Don’t get me wrong- I like meat. I knew that animals have to die in order for me to eat meat. And I didn’t think twice. Not until recently.

Whatever I am, I am not yet a vegetarian. I eat meat just like you.
But I can’t forget like I used to.

When I was 5, my favorite game was farm. I was playing it once with my father, made rows of corn, wheat-and one more.
“What’s that one, honey?” " It’s a field of hams!"
My parents never told me the truth.

What is wrong with a society when parents feel the need to shield their children from a truth, but won’t do anything to change it? They were worried I wouldn’t eat meat, when I knew. Yet they knew, and they didn’t question it. They underestimated our species’ ability to forget.

I’m not saying all meat is wrong. I’m not saying that I’m never going to eat meat again-because although I’m not hungry right now, I will be soon.

I’m questioning whether the means justify the ends.
Whether it’s right to eat Factory Farm meat.

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