My First - Pt. 2

My feet would stop and start again, as if my mind fought for me to turn back and just forget tonight was ever supposed to happen.
All I ever thought about was the sight of her. It hadn’t occurred to me, until right that instant, that i’d have to talk to her; beyond the, “how was your science class” type platitudes.
Despite my doubts, I forged on, and before i knew it, I was at the Mall Door, walking towards Rockin’ Johnny’s Diner.
“God,” I swore, looking down at sweat matted slick hands, “get a grip, man!” I ordered myself.
The diner itself was a quaint mock up of an old 1950’s rockabilly diner, complete with jukeboxes at every table, and a pink Caddy hanging from the ceiling rafters. The place was lame, but she liked the Root-Beer floats, and to be honest, I would meet her at Speedy Muffler to drink engine oil if that’s what floated her boat.
There, at the cheesy stainless steel bar, and sitting on red-leather bound benches, Andrea sat.
“I could stare at her for hours,”

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