After a while, she forgot I was there. I watched like I had my own private mirror into her starved, scarlet existence. When the feast was done she made me whole again when she called me by name.

“Come here, Ulysses.”

I floated over to her and the scraps left from her meal. She was a messy eater. She still had evidence of her feast strewn through her hair and down her dress. Her victim was astonishing. She left very little left after the bones and even ate some of them for good measure. She won’t be hungry for weeks.

“What is it? I saw you watching me… Devour him.”

I didn’t say anything, my mouth was still dry. Even through the mouthwatering spectacle that was her dinner time. She stared into my chest, as if she could see my heart’s attempts at breaking through it. I gulped and she saw what it was I desired most. I held out my arm and she licked her blood painted lips.

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