The Thirty-Seventh Step

The graphic designer walked dejectedly down the hall. It had happened again. He’d gotten another job with work that wasn’t his. But he couldn’t figure out who it belonged to either- he’d tried everything! Website after website came up, but none of them held the specific sort of mad genius that the art in his portfolio expressed.

Arms full, Lee nodded to the faceless people that passed him but didn’t see them, his mind elsewhere.

Today had marked the thirty-seventh time he had woken up to find new art stacked neatly next to his printer. As a digital artist, that wasn’t unusual. What was unusual was that he didn’t know where the art came from. He’d liked to blame a room-mate, or a prank by friends but he lived alone, and who pranked their friends by sneaking into houses and printing out art? Besides, he didn’t sleep much anyway. None of it made sense.

He just hoped whatever was going on continued long enough to finish the job and pay his bills. It always had before, but there was a first time for everything.

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