Theseus and Ariadne: The Breakup

Ariadne is a very lovely princess, thought Prince Theseus. He also thought about how loyal his Athenian sailors were and how happily and quickly they worked the sails, ready to get home with all 14 children still alive. Mostly though, Theseus thought about the look on his father’s face when he returned having slain the Minotaur. He was standing at the rail, staring out to sea thinking these things when below him, unseen, two people conversed. One was Ariadne.

“Your wine, Princess.”
“Bring it here!”
“Highness, you must sit down, you are far too unsteady!”
“Can’t Theseus sail this boat straighter?! It’s far too wobbly for me!”
“My, you are strong, and your eyes are so.. green. Kiss me!”
“Lady, you know not what you d..!”
A door opened and shut below.

Theseus’ heart raged inside. Ariadne would soil his marriage bed with her frivolity and love of drink! He must tell the Captain to stop at the next island. Her betrayal would not go unpunished!

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