Final Days of Herb Tulliver: The Case

knock knock
Herb was annoyed at how many times his door was knocked upon before being forced open. This time it wasn’t a nurse trying to take his temperature, nor a doctor explaining that he had to avoid salt and eat tasteless green leafy foods.

“Glad to see you up, buddy!” Devon’s deep bass voice boomed off the ceiling tiles. Herb gave a grimace.
“Gave us quite a scare!”
“They catch that arsonist?”
“You know they didn’t! You saw that blaze! It destroyed all evidence. After you found that incendiary and collapsed, well, it was all about you!”
“Hope they catch him. Whose house was it?”
“Some old lady’s, was a teacher or something. Funny thing is, she was like an aunt of the last arson target!”
“So you have a lead.”
“Look at you, always workin’! Take it easy! Don’t want another heart attack!”
“She live?”
“The old lady? Yeah she got out.”

Herb kept up the small talk as he sank into his pillow and feigned tiredness until Devon left.
So…, she lived.

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