I'm Not a Geek, I'm an Elf

Hi, my name is Andrew Jennings but I’d rather be called by my feared, other name – Hax Luthor. I’m a 2nd year high school student, but like all else in the world, it’s just my facade – I’m an elf with an affinity for bows and daggers and magical spells. I’m mostly a green (no pun intended) person, I love nature. I can also be tapped for mana, green mana because I’m an elf.

No really, I’m not an elf, but by what other people call me – a geek. I hate it as much as vegetarians hate meat (don’t they?). People. They just don’t understand how people like me think. And they’re jealous of it. Pricks.

And hey, this is just the beginning. Come join me in my quests…for world domination.

Cheers! And keep shuffling!

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