Nothing for Nothing

That stopped me in my tracks. My Sword? The blade I carried, I had earned, but it wasn’t anything special. It was a sword, a tool of violence. A specialized tool, and one I used as well as any craftsman but a tool non-the-less. Still it was mine and had served me well, keeping me alive through many a year. I had no intention of giving it up-especially to a demon worshipping savage.

“What possible need for my sword could you have?” I didn’t bother to hide my disgust.

“That is not your concern- we do not share our confidences lightly and you have made your intentions plain enough.” Like most Addorhajans, he had a booming voice and every sentence sounded like it was ending in a chuckle.

“Then why are you still here?”

“Death comes swiftly for those that lead violent lives. The spirits, they have expressed a desire to escort you into the next world.”

“So very kind of them. I suppose you’re just going to wait until something kills me and take it then.”

“That is only one of many paths in this waking dream.”

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