The Potion

The purple powder bubbled into on the surface of the drink making large filmy bubbles, and giving the entire mixture a sinister tinge. It was disturbing. Worse, it smelled like urine. I waited for everything to soak in, before giving it a stir. Maybe if I delayed enough, my problem would fix itself. An inconsiderate breeze brought another whiff of urine and I changed my mind. Maybe drinking it fast would do the trick?

I looked at the evil mixture again. It was slowly setting, like pudding- or cement. This stuff was supposed to make me all better but I was afraid to put it anywhere near my mouth. I didn’t even know what was in the powder.

Time to suck it up and take a risk. What’s the worst that could happen? Never mind. Don’t think about that. Just do it.

I raised the glass high, a toast to the world, before bringing it to my lips, while trying not to breathe. The quivering mass stuck to the sides and I had to shake the glass to start the mudslide’s slow glide toward my mouth.

All I could do was wait.

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