This is a dark place and I am ill amused. Pulling my coat tighter, I glared at that seething sky to little effect, I am sad to say. I don’t know how I came to this place, nor where it is. The flora and fauna are strange to me, though I am a biologist.

I swear that the rocks move when I am not looking at them but that is impossible. I had not been to school for some years but I was not aware of any new discoveries that let non-organics move. Journals, still delivered to my house bi-yearly, kept me abreast of all the newest developments, and none included skittering stones.

The wind is still, yet the trees continue to shake as though shivering. Giant fan-like leaves hung down from ropey tendrils. The thick wide leaves displayed curious pink flesh often associated with newborns. I stayed away from them and felt a thrill of vindication run through me when I saw decomposing skeletons beneath them. I did not know how it fed, perhaps like Venus flytrap, but I had a pressing need.

Somehow, I had misplaced my home.

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