Steal My Mind?

“What do you mean, steal my mind?” he asked.The question was redundant.He knew the full meaning of those words.They seemed almost too good to be true.To simply walk away and return as someone else, in his fragmented mind, this was true bliss.The desire to believe, to let go of his pain, his fear and simply plunge into the darkness.
He opened the syringe, filled it with the unknown serum that the package provided.In one, smooth motion, he injected himself in the neck, carefully as to not hurt himself.It was done, now what?
“Your world is about to change, Mr.Tyler”
“What will happen to me?”
“I need you to go out into that storm, look for an open field, it will be hard, considering all the buildings in your neighborhood”
The pain was gone. He got up and slowly opened the door, as to not awake anyone.There were some things about this life he would miss, but freedom was more important. He opened the door to his apartment. Went towards the elevator.
The rest was unscripted, unknown.
Mr.Tyler didn’t care though.

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