Oh love...

It’s that beginning stage of being of being in love that’s the only part that’s really worth it. The one where you are all happy with butterflies in your stomach, dreaming of all the possibilities you have with the girl you love. You imagine what the sex will be like, how great it will be to hold her after, and how you will make all her dreams come true.

When she falls in love with you, it’s still pretty great for about 6 months or so. But by the end of that you’ve had your best sex, and most of your best discussions. You know her now and become familiar with her. Things about her begin to bother you. You hit that wall. Fighting ensues, and you eventually break up.

I think I’d like to be in love with a girl who will never love me back. I’ll spend my life with her and always dream about how great we would be together. She will never disappoint me, and I will always be happy; eagerly awaiting the eventual conquest that will never happen. That being said, I can’t help but believe that I’m doing it wrong.

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