Taken: Lost in the Fog

I know not how long I wandered, the fog a deceitful guide that carried with it a foul and most unfamiliar stench. The forest surrounding the house of my youth was a thick patch of wilderness that had successfully fought off civilization’s touch for generations and it would be easy to lose oneself inside.With my eyes being so fooled, it was a steady creak, like that of a loose floorboard, that drew me on; an audible light house.

Concentrating on carefully putting one foot in front of the other, I walked inside my part of the fog as if I was inside a batho-sphere many fathoms deep. Only the closest things could be seen with any sort of detail or frequency, and once seen, I struggled not to see them again. Something wasn’t quite right- as if they were out of alignment with the rest of the universe- if they belonged at all.

By the light of a match, I checked my pocket watch to see how long I’d been walking. But, alas, it had stopped at eleven fifteen and moved no more. Lost, it appeared I was also out of time.

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