Choose your own adventure/quest/saga

You look forward/left/right. There’s a man/woman/alien shrouded in black/red/aquamarine. You decide/choose/think it would be a good idea to follow him as he walks into the cave/sea/abandoned warehouse.

As you follow the person, you come across a great monster, a dragon/chimera/cute little seahorse. You kill/wound/pet the creature into submission.

If you chose to wound, the creature bleeds out and dies
If you chose to pet, the creature joins your party, but is domesticated and useless, gain 25,364 idiot points.

As you move deeper into the cave/sea/abandoned warehouse, you catch up to the man/woman/alien. The man/woman/alien kills/kills/kills you/yourself/the person standing exactly where you are.

GAME OVER/prequel to timetravel/sequel to resurrect.

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