Fuck You

“Fuck you.”
Utterly eloquent. No irony intended. It’s the perfect fall back phrase for the groundlings and the bourgeois alike.
A person blows you off when you ask them out on a date?
Fuck you.
Looking for a dramatic exit while expressing your udder disdain for the people involved?
Fuck you.
Need a playful comeback to an insult you weren’t expecting?
Fuck you.
The morality of the term has been questioned, and the validity of it as an expression down right mocked, however we as a society stick by it. Why? Because of it’s sheer brilliance as an idiom in the english language.
It’s short and sweet, and although common, it’s still a faux pas making it mysterious and sexy. Fuck you says so much and in only 7 letters, 8 characters (counting spaces). Even reading it repeatedly it’s both cutting and intoxicating. Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you.
When someone reads a piece of literature expecting a story only to find praise of foul language what is there to say?
Fuck you.

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