Among men...

They rode west across the plains, speeding through the province of Guan Du. Pang Tong sitting on the back of the Hak’s Red Hare, his arms clinging to the Hawk’s waist for dear life.

It was not long before they came across a most sorry sight. Several lesser officers escorting a tall, bulky man. The officers were garbed in the green of Zhuge Liang’s army. The tall officer wore black and red armor was instantly recognisable. None of them noticed the two on horseback, but the dynamic duo could observe and overhear everything.

“There’s no use trying to fight Lu Bu. You’re weak for your wounds and we have your weapon. You have no hope if you try to flee. You make one move, and we will kill you without hesitation.”

“Maggots! Filth! Vermin! You attacked me in my sleep! You have no honor! I shall spit on your graves!”

Xan Hak had heard enough. Lu Bu would prove a powerful ally, especially to the one man he feared. The Hawk of China urged his steed to life and charged the convoy.

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