The Bitten

People say they came from Asia. People say China trapped them; Russia planned their release; that they crept through the DMZ and onto our troop transports.

I think they may always have been here. Just… sleeping.

In the cities, people are still drinking organic coffee and wearing expensive shoes. People read the latest news in skyscrapers with electric lights and central heating, while the creatures hunt less fortunate souls through silent, empty suburbs. They den by the hundreds in abandoned granaries. I’ve seen them there. Sleeping.

People believe themselves lucky, although they can’t protect against the invaders. After all, the government can detect the bitten, and the bitten are removed with quiet efficiency.

No one is lucky. You can’t feel the first bite, you see. But they can smell it in you, and they wait while it turns you into prey. They are patient. And like prey, once bitten, all you can do is run and hide.

They pity us in the cities. But we will grow teeth of our own.

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