... Lu Bu

The duo tore towards the convoy with formiddable speed.

“Get ready to take the reins!” Hawk called to Pheonix.

As they neared the group, Xan Hak stood up in the saddle. As they came upon the group and the men began to turn and face them, Hak launched from the horse and struck out with his spear. The spear instantly took out an officer with a sword who had yet to notice the thundering hooves.

The sword rolled to Lu Bu’s feet. He kicked it up and plucked it from the air with a flourish as he spun on his heel to decapitate one of his escorts.

Pang Tong pulled the Red Hare around and came thundering back at the officers firing off bolts of magical energy. He smacked one of the bowmen at the back with his staff as he came upon them.

Lu Bu charged one of the caravans and flung himself inside, smashing through the bamboo wall. He emerged carryng his familiar weapon. His weapon was a strange spiral weapon, that looked like two twin-ended glaives crossed together. Lu Bu was back and ready for business.

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