Introductions at last

My jaw hung freely as I struggled to comprehend what was happening. Tylie was right, I was staring at myself, only an aged version. The main difference was the eyes. I had both, he had one. The left was covered by a tatty piece of grey cloth that was wrapped around his head. He also had a cut on his lower lip and a scar ran up his right cheek and disappeared into his mop of hair.

But it was most definitely another Michael. As I began to muster the strength to close my mouth, he opened his.

“Yes, I know this must be confusing, and I don’t even know why I’m here, but I’ll try and answer what I can.”

Eve went first as I was still gathering myself, “How did you get here?”

“Well that’s simple, I used a door. It’s a simple time travel/teleport that can be summoned by dials, sort of stone table things that allow you to set the time and place you want to visit.”

The question then occurred to me, “If you set the time and place, how can you not know why you’re here?”

“Because I don’t think that was my door.”

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