The Song of One

She sung, and the world stopped.

All heads turned to the bright figure spinning from roof to roof. The vendor at the kebab stand froze, change still in his arrested hand. The customer ignored the money and, like everyone else, turned to where the music seemed to be coming from. The Song was like nothing before it, like a syrupy river of movement and emotion that swept everyone in its many whirlpools.

It took surprisingly long for the newscasts to arrive — no one had thought to call. But before long, the Song was on TV screens and the world watched, their hearts beating in unison.

It stopped suddenly. She just disappeared, never to be found again.

Afterward, no one was able to explain what had really happened, and what had made this number so exceptional. Some said it was heavenly, and meant it literally. Others went with other explanations, or decided it could not be explained. The Song was never repeated.

For a moment, mankind had been one. It changed us all forever.

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