The stare

The story of my life? Well, I want to start with high school, where we met. I didn’t see her at first – I was too preoccupied with being popular and “cashing in” my athletic prowess. It took a long time for me to realize that these women only wanted to share in the victory, the excitement, the glory… fleeting things.

We went to the same college. It’s miraculous but when I finally was ready for commitment, for something deep and lasting, she was here. It was the most natural thing in the world, like we had been made for each other. We spent nights talking about anything and everything. Days silent, basking in each other’s presence.

I should never had gone to the reunion game. It was a blast to play with my teammates of old, and the victory was deserved. But I slipped. She wasn’t there, and old habits die hard.

When she returned the next day, she knew immediately. She just looked at me… I could imagine the thoughts there, the questions, the feeling of betrayal.

The stare. That’s where it all ended.

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