The missing apparatus.

Back at Gore, the humming of machinery hard at work wasn’t the only thing to be heard. There was a loud announcement coming over the main system’s speakers, “All robots please report to home base, secure positions, speed up attack simulators for war."

Everywhere you looked robots were scurrying around, preparing for what they had known was coming for years. This wasn’t a drill like all of the other times a human declared war on them, this time was for real. They knew that Romeo’s father had finished building the bomb that was to take out Gore Industries. In fact, the very model was a Gore Industry original.

The humans had stolen the blue prints 246 years ago. The technology was assumed outdated and non-functional, until one of the Golden Knights from the planet Keixnanton had arrived with the missing apparatus that was considered mankind’s personal death warrant. This was the piece of equipment the robots had hoped still existed, but did not know it would be used against them.

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