The Maiden Gets a Fairy Godmother

The ashamed and furious maiden ran home through the woods. She snuck into her small house towards the edge of the village, and not a human soul saw her again that day.

That night, she dreamt of the past day’s experiences. The Prince chased her through the woods, his gigantic form crashing through the trees. Just as he was about to snatch her up from the forest floor, an elderly woman appeared.

The woman, wrinkled like a year old prune, raised her staff towards the Prince and turned him into a frog before squashing him with her heavy boot.

The maiden looked fearfully at the enchantress, who said, “Fear not, I am your fairy godmother!”

The maiden suddenly turned away from the woman with an annoyed look on her face.

“I thought you were sending me on a grand adventure?” she asked severely. “And now you give me an ugly fairy godmother? Who do you think you are!?”

Gah! We’re getting there! You’re worse than my listeners, whomever they are! They’ve been surprisingly quiet… Yes, I know you’re… Just… sh!

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