Three Truths in Five Minutes

I waited until the door closed behind her before asking, “What’s her problem?”

“She’s probably afraid of you. It’s a scarier world than it was a couple of months ago. Knowledge is one thing, proof is another.”

“How come you’re not afraid of me?”

“Two reasons. The first is training. In the Marines, we learned to handle fear in the face of danger. If I felt you were a threat, I might have to do something about it. As it is, we’re just two men talking.”

“What’s the second reason?” I prompted.

“One of the things I learned a long time ago, is that anyone can kill anyone. It just takes intent. So while you might be different, you’re not that special.”

Oddly, that made me feel better. I nodded and got busy on my paperwork. All thirty-five pages of it.

In the middle of detailing my blood type, I looked up at Charles. “What about the other people?”

“What other people? Nobody else turned themselves in.”

“And if they did, you couldn’t tell me anyway.” I muttered.

He smiled knowingly. “Now you’re catching on.”

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