Orphan part 1

The hotel door greeted me with a reflection of a girl with a new scarf ($24), new pants ($56), new top ($65), new heels ($110), and a bright ($250) smile. Being bribed in New York was heaven. And I was planning to juice it as long as I could. So that gives me – I look down at my watch, new of course – 2 hours left with my future step mom until we meet up with my dad.
I pushed my shopping bags into Annie’s hands. “Take these up to our room. I’m going to just walk around a little.” I titled my head and gave her a signature fake smile. “Thanks, you’re such a doll.”
She opened her mouth about to dispute but thought better of it. I pivoted on my pumps and headed down the street. I reached to the crosswalk and saw the Empire State Building looming over me to my left. I couldn’t be in New York and not go see the building. I started walking in that direction as an ambulance zoomed past me. My walk hurried to a quick pace, curiosity getting the best of me.

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