Orphan part 3

I cautiously stepped forward and looked through a window of people. My breath caught in my throat instantly as I saw the site. I maneuvered through the crowd until I got to the front.
I just stared at the body, not letting my emotions explode yet. I watched as doctors checked his heartbeat and communicated to each other that there was none. My knees shook as they covered him up. I collapsed on my knees when I couldn’t hold myself up anymore.
The tears came flowing out and roars of sorrow filled the air. I could hear officials trying to get people to clear the area but I tuned it all out until I felt a hand on my shoulder. I looked up and whispered to the man hovering over me with sympathetic eyes. “Dad.”
“Oh no, sweetie, I’m not your dad.” He said as he knelt down to me.
“I know.” I pointed to the hidden bloody body. “But he is.”

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