las dos Españas, Part 2

Vicente again closed the distance between them and attempted to strike. This time, however, Francisco had prepared for his attack and struck the elbow of his outstretched arm. A cracking noise and pained scream confirmed the success of his counterattack.

Vicente’s feeling of pain was exceeded only by his determination as he switched his club to the hand of his uninjured arm. Seeing the impossibly building hatred in his adversary’s eyes, Francisco stepped back to find stronger footing to strike from; his ankles only sloshed through more damp earth.

A series of quick strikes by the arm which now held Vicente’s club caused Francisco to back up as he deflected them. He attempted to swing back at Vicente, but found the mud surrounding his knees more resistant than he anticipated. Vicente spotted his opponent’s miscalculation and responded with a blow to his chest, cracking ribs in the process.

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