The Mustard Yellow Sweater

I wore a mustard yellow sweater with a button collar white shirt
on the very first day at my new school.
I wanted to wear blue jeans but instead I wore khaki.
All in all I was not very cool.

I stood out like a beacon as I started up the school steps
and I felt like every kid watching me.
I was thin and geeky, all feet and hands and clumsy.
To tell the truth I was a sight to see.

7th grade is never easy, and it wasn’t getting better
so I ducked my head and plunged on with a frown.
Purely accidentally, I ran head on into this girl,
scattered papers everywhere and knocked her down.

I told her I was sorry when I saw she’d started crying
and as I picked her up as gently as I could,
brushed her off, picked up her papers, gave them all back to her
that was when I noticed something odd.

She wore a mustard yellow sweater, it was like looking in the mirror.
we spent a lot of time together that school year.
To this day I’ve loved that sweater and our time together
and the very special memories I hold dear.

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