I Didn't Sign Up to Read

I took home three books bigger than any text book I had ever opened and access to a website called gravediggers. The website was a front. Oh it was a real website with a cartoon grave-digger and a directory of funeral services, but if you clicked on one of the joke tombstones, it brought up an error message that was actually a portal. After that you had seventeen seconds to put in the correct name and password before it crashed your computer. A pain in the ass? Absolutely- but secure.

According to Charles, they gave me three days to study before I begin training. I think these days are another test, to see if I get cold feet, or change my mind. Maybe they gave them to me to say goodbye to my family. Even though I’m not really a part of anything yet, I can see some of the wheels turning. It’s a brand new world for me.

The clock hit midnight before I checked to see what I was supposed to be studying. The cover titles were groan inducing.

Civics and Responsibility
Morality and Ethics
Abnormal Psychology

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