Conform Your Love and Flee

What happened to you while I was gone? What did your eyes see while I was away…

You were the lost and the lonely. Apathetic through your adolescent tendencies. You were looking at what everyone else thinks. You tried to mold yourself into the piece that would fit every puzzle. Every god-damned immature puzzle. You didn’t even notice that none of it mattered. They weren’t good puzzles. They led you away from the person you could have been.

When you lied with me, miles away. Every night, you’d whisper sweet winds into my fleeting head. You’d fill my body, not with warmth, but something just as good. Something sweet and tender that made my consciousness spiral with ecstasy.

I never left you. I would never leave you. You just changed everything into a puzzle and threw my piece away. But even worse; you kissed it goodbye, and left the ashes to the breeze.

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