A Sinister Smile

It had been one week since his last kill; his hunger was growing stronger. The anxiety he felt from laying dormant and not allowing his inner cannibalistic cravings to take over was painful. He couldn’t wait much longer.

He looked down at his watch and realized the sun would be setting soon. He grabbed his black brief case that carried his weapons of choice, such as an icepick, pliers, rope, scalpel, and duct tape. But before heading towards the door, he went into his room pulled out a box from underneath his bed. Inside were bloody lingerie in several different colors and sizes . He grabbed the black lacy ones, put them up to his nose, inhaled deeply and put them into his pant pocket. He put the box back and headed toward the door.

Outside he put the brief case into the trunk of his car, looked around to make sure no one was watching before climbing into the front seat. He pulled the panties from his pocket and placed them on the rear view mirror. He then looked into the mirror and smiled.

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