Knocked out by anger

He could see them in the distance, but could feel them as though they were closer to him than himself, the emotion was that strong.

Moving closer, he was shocked even more. It wasn’t their anger, it was her anger, all that rage from one single mind. Seeing them now with his eyes, he could tell the women were arguing. Well, not arguing. That would imply interaction, a dualogue. But the anger of one was clouding the other, strong enough for the both of them.

Two women, family, the mother towering over a fully grown daughter, putting her through what no-one should have to endure. For the first time in an age, he could only imagine what the daughter was feeling. Ashamed? Embarrsed? Scared most likely.

He took another bite from his Danish as he turned the corner. He felt sorry for her, but just couldn’t face it any longer.

And then the eruption hit him. So much anger exploding, it knocked him to the floor at the same time as the mother. Her daughter now standing tall, unable to contain it any longer.

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