Beauty and Elegance

Colors, sounds, feelings, they all have one thing in common.They are art. No matter how big or small or how dull or bright art is art. It is a skill only some posses, the ability to create art. Then there is an ability even more rare, the ability to appreciate art.

Yes a picture can be beautiful, and a song can be moving, but do you really appreciate them. You may like them, but would you give your life to make sure that they will be made. So that art will flourish forever. Only the people who are willing to sacrifice themselves are the people who truley appreciate art.

So heed this warning. If the world will exsist without art surely the human spirit would fail. Surely the human mind will not comprehend beauty or recognize elegance. For art is essential to everything. To survive we need art. No matter what color, or sound, or feeling that art may hold it is all equal. It is all essential.

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