Senior Trip

Rummaging through a box of old pictures, Cassie turns to her Mother and says, “Who is this guy with you, it isn’t Dad?”

“Oh Cassie, that was so long ago, give me the picture. Oh my, that was Roger Darcy my high school sweetheart. He died long, long ago.”

Cassie whipped around and gave her mother a look of concern, “What? What happened to him?” she asked.

“Well, it was a long time ago when our senior class took a trip to New York city. It was so exciting to see the big city. We were touring the Empire State Building when the accident happened. No one knows for sure how it happened, but I know Roger wouldn’t have done it like they said he did.”

“What did he do Mother?”

“Well, like I said, I don’t think he did it, but that is what the news said, and the detectives. He jumped from one of the windows, it was so high, there was no way he would have survived. I knew Roger, and I know he would have never done it, and I told those cops he couldn’t have done it. No one listened!”

“Oh Mother, that is so sad!”

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