The 1,024 Character Story

The man typed furiously on his keyboard. He had looked like an idiot on an internet forum. He knew this could not stand. He would prove to them that he could write a story in less than 1,024 characters!

He laughed to himself knowingly saying, “The fools! I will show them! With my mighty writing abilities, I will demonstrate my power of brevity which will fiendishly outwit their complaints.”

He was determined to write a story that would follow the character limit, and beyond this, it would amazingly free of embarrassing spleling errors. It would even have every proper punctuation This would clearly be an example of his great writing prowess!

“Even now,” he thought, “they think they’re writing is better mine just because mine drags on forever and goes nowhere. Well, I’ll show them, when I post my brilliant prose that shows my masterely of the engilish language and remains within a 1,024 character limit!”

He smirked, thinking of his clever plan.

“I wrote a brilliant masterpiece that didn’t ramble on was le

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