First Love Thickened With Time

Devon could smell his aftershave, the same spicy, wooded scent that had lingered throughout his adolescence. He hadn’t seen seen Ben in almost 10 years, and here he stood in his pea coat, smiling that same sparkling-eyed grin that made Devon blush like he was 17 again.

“Grown a little, huh Dev?” He laughed, sucking in a breath through his front teeth and letting it go in a cloud, “Damn. All grown and dashing.”

Devon laughed a little, hoping it didn’t sound as wounded as he felt at that. He hesitated as he pushed through the self-aware blush to clear his throat.

“So, Chicago.”

“Mm…” He mused, hanging his head, “Mark. He works for Levitt & Riley Design.”

Devon nodded, glancing back towards the blond gesturing on his cell phone, before returning his gaze.

“You did always say I’d see you later,” Devon looked at him, a sad smile edging his lips. Flashes of he and Ben swimming at dusk in his parents’ pool barraged him, making a lump form in his throat where it’d always been, “I’d never expected a decade.”

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