We are Stuck in a Tangled Web

We are stuck in a tangled web.

Like a fly that squirms and squirms, with no surprise that it’s asine hope fails. High school is a tough time; there’s classes, grades, sports, and social lives.To every teenager’s dismay being in the prison called High School never changes, never gets easier.

Just walking down the hall is a great feat. So many questions that are left unanswered. Should I blend in? Should I stand out? Who should my friends be? These questions circle through every arriving pupil striding through the front doors.Thinking back to the so called “glory days” it wasn’t to bad for some people.Where are they now? The select few that are deemed the glory of being “popular” what happened to them? Some make it out okay, but it is amazing the percentage that turn out no where.

The reason why they are called the “glory days” is because the life those people live now are worse than the lives they lived then. Have fun all you “popular” kids!

Whatever you excell at love it, perfect it! Stick to your guns.

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