On a Park Bench

Out the elevator, he crossed the lobby, saw no one behind the desk.He walked with no sense of direction.
Six months.
That had been the length of his quarantine.
No time for that now.
Made it out the door, into the rain.An open field, what did that mean? His mind instinctively led him to the park, a place filled with so many fond memories.The rain made it hard to see, his body moved, his mind wandered.He saw them in the distance.Four men, 3 standing, 1 sitting down on a park bench.He seemed to be eating something.
He approached them, carefully.
“Mr.Tyler” the man sitting said, “we finally meet”
“You’re the voice inside my head”
“I guess that’s what I was, but now I’m real, sit, eat with me”
“At this hour?”
“Do you have any idea how hard it is to find the time”
“Time’s a luxury I don’t have, Mr.Marshall”
Marshall smiled.The man standing to the left of Marshall opened an umbrella, and stood next to Tyler.
“How do you feel, Tyler?”
“Better than I have in the last six months”
“Good, let’s talk about that”

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