A World of Conspiracy

“What do you mean, you have an antidote?”
He finished his meal, left nothing but an expensive dinner plate.He wiped his mouth off with a linen cloth.Replied,
“Is that so hard to believe, Mr.Tyler, this is a world full of conspiracies, what’s one more?”
“Millions of people have died”
To this, Marshall was quiet.Tyler said nothing more.
“People are useless, pathetic animals, that lose all sense of civility when their own personal safety is threatened.Why should you care about them?”
Tyler said nothing.
“They’re not even aware that their world is about to change, that we alone can stop it”
“The world is about to change?”
“You weren’t my first choice,Mr.Tyler”
“Of the 12 of you, you were the one most likely to survive, and yet, you weren’t my first choice”
“Are you telling me that…I”m not supposed to be here?"
“Would it matter where you were, right now, if you hadn’t gotten sick? You want to be here, you may deny it but it’s true. You want to know what’s real”
“Time to go, Mr.Tyler”

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