It's another morning

“Well, that’s new.”

The first thing Bill saw when he opened his eyes was the sky. The only problem was he was in his bedroom. He now had a skylight, minus the window.

“Fuck, whatever.”

Right now, he had more pressing issues, like the fact that his head felt like shit.

He rolled over and sat up. About 15 seconds later the room stopped rolling, too. Christ, what did he have last night? At least he was waking up in his own bed alone. On the nightstand, in their usual places, were a pack of cigarettes with a lighter stuck in the cellophane, his keys, and a bottle of ibuprofen.

Bill downed four pills with some warm beer from a bottle on the floor. After slowly getting up, he decided to check himself out in the bathroom mirror. With any luck, he at least hadn’t gotten into another fight last night. His boss at the copy shop had told him to stop showing up with black eyes and broken noses, it was bad for business.

He made his way to the door, but stopped short.


Turns out he wasn’t alone after all.

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