This Is Your Life

This is my friend. My friend’s name is Jack.
I’ve known him since college. For some reason it seems like it’s been longer than that.

He got married.

I stayed single and focused on my soul-crushing office job.

Her name was Karie, and Jack married her
She was a nice girl. Blonde. Nice smile. Well-endowed.
Jack and Karie get married.
Jack and Karie are happy together.
Karie gets herself into a car accident.
Karie is now a paraplegic.

This is what happens when I visit Jack and Karie a year after the accident. After getting fired from my job.

Jack and Karie are sitting together on the couch, waiting for me.
I knock on the door.
Jack lets me in.
I say hello to both of them and make small talk.
I fail to mention that Karie looks like she has aged twenty years in the ten we’ve been out of college.
It gets late and Karie is exhausted from sitting down for a few hours.
Jack lays her down to bed while I wait in their living room with a strong drink raising my blood pressure and lowering my level of politeness.

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