The Text to Adventure

I refreshed the screen and the icon of the chat bubble changed into a shadowed crescent moon. Stupid facebook. Super convenient when it worked, very irritating when it didn’t. Oh well, Bryan could wait until tomorrow. I powered off the monitor and sat in the ensuing darkness. It was kind of nice. Everyone else was asleep. I could hear both my parents snoring and if Michael wasn’t talking he had to be sleeping too.


My phone vibrated against the hardwood next to the keyboard. I snatched it off the desk. Who was texting me at two thirty in the morning?

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SleepingBeauty 2:33am

All of my friends had code names in my phone but I didn’t remember giving anybody Disney names. Intrigued, I opened it.

Hey! Im drunkk. Ned hwlp thnnk im beeing folowd :(

Hesitant, but not wanting to give anything away, I sent a reply. Where you @

Outside yur housw lett me n

I hurried to my window and spread the blinds with two fingers. Two figures were coming up the driveway.

Oh hell.

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