Relaxation Techniques

“I know you haven’t made you mind up yet…but I would never do you wrong.” Adele’s melodic cover soared above the icy, glinting lights of the busy street below, and a sweeping release to the chorus melted the last of my nerves. The ballad was plenty gooey, but in his choosing it for us right now I felt privy to something pure and something honest.

His brows, maybe the most genuine feature on him, arched slightly, and then knowingly, as my smile paired with his. He wasn’t pretending to be anything other than who he was, laying there with his head propped up by his hand, letting Adele croon me into oblivion, and it felt good to just let go. The song faded and we were left in the quiet, considering each other without all the distraction of dating etiquette or lingering onlookers. This was just the rush of endorphins working their magic.

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